Megan Meirav

Originally from Pasadena, Megan moved to Newton in 2003 from Virginia. She fell in love with the historic look and feel of Waban, and moved to the Angier side of the village in 2013 with her husband and children. Before becoming the managing director and owner of Camperdown Properties, she conducted Alzheimer's research at the Virginia Center on Aging and volunteered for related causes. 

In addition to her research and real estate experience, Megan brings meaningful insight in her new role on the Waban Area Council as a past member of the Planning and Development Board for the City of Newton. She has been involved in the oversight of many development projects in the city and has supported responsible targeted growth, with a focus on the environmental impacts, classroom size and traffic issues. She also champions affordable housing for our elderly. Megan holds a Masters of Science in Gerontology from VCU. 

When not enjoying time with her family, she enjoys travel, reading the classics and best sellers, playing tennis and pickleball at the Windsor Club, watching the Patriots and throwing parties. She and her husband are also avid Bridge players. 

Affiliations and memberships both present and past include the Waban Common, Parish of the Good Shepherd, the Windsor Club, Newton Food Pantry, NSHS Boosters and Grid Iron Club, NSHS PTO, Zervas PTO, Friends of Farlow Park, Girl Scouts of America, Discovery Museum, Museum of Science, Museum of Fine Arts, H+H Society and wounded Warrior. She is also the current chair of the Westridge School Alumnae Association in New England.