Visualizations of proposed Waban Village Center Districts


Issue summary

The Waban Area Council have begun the process of applying the proposed zoning to discreet Waban parcels in Google Earth Pro. Shown below is the link to VC1/VC2 visualizations presented at our December 2022 meeting.

This webpage hosts recent 3D visualizations for the Strong Block parcel. 

Issue full description

The process of 3D imaging in Google Earth:

  • Import shape files for the individual parcels from the City of Newton GIS database (provides in situ parcel boundaries and existing buildings.)
  • Utilize the program's measurement tools to implement the proposed zoning (dimensional controls) to create and overlay transparent zoning envelopes.
  • Results in visualizations of lot specific proposed zoning envelopes in the existing built environment.


The Waban Area Council gave a presentation and held a discussion of the rezoned residential parcels on Beacon St/Manitoba Rd/Waban Ave. Here is the link to the presentation - link.


Here is recent work of the proposed zoning of the Strong Block parcel to VC2. Clicking on the image bring up a larger version.







Waban Center ariel-1




Strong Block ariel-1


Zoning legend utilized in the 3D imaging (to the right in the Document Archive).