Waban Area Council

The City of Newton posts documentation of current issues and schedules every Friday. Many of these items concern Wabanites. Below are links to these postings.


The Land Use committee of the BOA has held working sessions to discuss the Special Permit proposals for Riverside Station and the Hotel Indigo. The discussion areas for each meeting included: transportation, parking issues, engineering water and sewer infrastructure improvements, and fiscal impacts...
Action Summary:
The proposed project consists of Roadway reconstruction, bridge construction and signal improvements along the corridor to improve safety and operation of the corridor. Sidewalks and Bicycle accommodations consisting of a bicycle lane have been provided in accordance with applicable design guides...
Action Summary:
The city has a rare opportunity to legally acquire public access to the top of the Sudbury Aqueduct as a walking trail from the MWRA. Not all of the land above the aqueduct is owned by the Authority, but most of the frequently-used parts are, and most of these run through Waban, Upper Falls, and...
Action Summary:
Working Group formed to addrerss traffic and pedstrian issues in Waban. First meeting was held October 22, 2014 Minutes and presentation attached.
Action Summary:
What will Waban and Newton look like 5, 10, 25, 50 years into the future? The WAC has undertaken a Waban Future Vision Project and details of that project will be posted here. A series of public meetings will be held in this fall.  The next meeting will be held at the WLC on January 22 7:30pm....
Action Summary:
Fuller St., Orchard Ave., Upland Rd are up for name changes in Waban. The issue will be discussed byt the BOA commison on Public Saftey and Transportation this Wednesday at 7:45 in room 202 at City Hall. The attached docket has supporting infromation starting on page 22.
Action Summary:
Separating drinking water and irrigation into separate water meters is currently being proposed byt the City. A second meter will cost aproximately $750 to be paid by the homeowner. Attached is a powerpoint to be presented explaining the proposed rate hikes included in the Mayor's Capital...
Action Summary:

Read the powerpoint and attend the meeting

November 9, 2014 Update from Zervas School Building Committee member Chris Neal: Greetings all, There will be a Board of Aldermen meeting this Wednesday, November 12th at 7:45 PM, Second Floor, Newton City Hall to review and potentially vote on the 5-58 site plan.  The documents that the...
Action Summary:
Community Group formed to preserve and uplift the river bank area along the Charles River in Waban.     Much of Newton’s Charles River water front is a wonderful recreational resource for our city. Any day of the week you can see lots of folks walking, bicycling, strolling, bird watching,...
Action Summary:
Waban Area Councilors met with the developer of the St. Philip Neri site on September 18, 2014 in the offices of Schlesinger and Buchbinder. Read the report in the full description.  
Action Summary:

Attend the meeting TBD by the builder and become knowlegable about special permits and 40B. View the video and ptt presentation under zoning.

Newton is currently revising the city's Zoning codes in a 3 phase process. The final Draft of Phase one is available at this link. The next phase of creating new codes is supposed to take 3 years but various Alderman have suggested it could take 4 or more. Alderman Sangiolo recently proposed a...
Action Summary:
The progress of the renovation of Angier School can be viewed on the City's website. The PTO also has an FAQ and can be viewed here. Regular meetings between the project construction team and the WAC take place once a month before each WAC meeting.  There is a new push to have the building ready...
Action Summary:
Flooding occurs around Quinobequin and other Waban areas after rainstorms due to a variety of factors including storm system overflows. In the document Library is the presentation of newton's plan - starts on page 5.
Action Summary:

Newton has begun a storm system renovation plan.

The MA Dept. of Transportation will soon begin its multi-year construction through Needham, Newton and Wellesley on the last segment of the federally funded Add-A-Lane Project to widen Route 95/128 from Randolph to Route 9. (For updated information, go to: DOT public meeting report 12-22-2014 and...
Action Summary:

Next Meeting:

Meeting Date:
Thursday, January 15, 2015 - 7:30pm





A. Approval of December 11, 2014 Waban Area Council Meeting Minutes

B. Approval of Recap of 2014 WAC Activities for Board of Aldermen


A. Approval of January 15, 2015 Treasurer’s Report

B. Approval of 2014 WAC Financial Statement for Board of Aldermen        

V. BURNING ISSUES: Community comments for future agenda or immediate resolution (10 min)


A.  Angier School/Beacon St/Collins Rd latest plans: Bill Paille, Newton Director of Transportation (20 min)

B.  Zervas School Site Plan - AD and RG (5 min)

C.  Friends of the Quinobequin: - MRM (5 min)

D.  Waban Future Vision - CP (1 min)

            E.  Angier Construction Progress – BB (5 min)

            F.  Zoning Issues –Zoning reform progress and other zoning movements in the City (5 min) – RG and SL

            G.  St. Philip Neri – KW and SL (2 min)

            H.  Add-A-Lane Update from Dec 22, 2014 Needham Town Hall Meeting: SL (5 min)

A. Contacts at MassDOT: Joseph Graham (MassDOT Resident Engineer) and Trish Foley (MassDOT Legislative Liaison) E-mail: NWi95@dot.state.ma.us

B. Website for Add-A-Lane: (Citizens can also sign up for updates here): www.massdot.state.ma.us/highway/highlightedprojects/NeedhamWellesleyI95A...

            H. Council Boundaries Update -SL (5 min.)

            I.   Evaluation of Snow Ordinance: How?; Update on trash at Richardson Field (JR)

J.  Needham Street Project update: Google: MassDOT Project # 606635, Jan. 8, 2015   Design Public Hearing and also see wabanareacouncil.com.


A. State of the Sudbury Aqueduct Project Proposal –date to get neighbors’ approval and signatures on petition to allow trail.

B. Amherst & Tamworth @ Chestnut/and Tamworth/Radcliff Pilot Project item docketed.

C. Annawan and Varick pre-paving reporting process.

VIII. NEW BUSINESS: Items for March WAC Agenda to include WAC logo discussion

IX. ADJOURN: Next Waban Area Council Meeting: Feb.12, 2015, 7:30PM, Waban Library Center.


A. Newton Solar Challenge Presentation: Wed., Jan 21, 7P.M., Waban Library Center.

B. Waban Future Vision Project: 2nd Meeting Thurs., Jan. 22, 7P.M., Waban. Library Ctr.

C. Parking Beacon and surrounding Streets Meeting: Jan 27, 7P.M., Waban Library Center

We encourage you to contribute to the Newton Food Pantry, housed in the basement of the Waban Library Center, by bringing non-perishable food items when you attend our monthly meetings! 

The location of this meeting is handicap accessible, and reasonable accommodations will be provided to persons requiring assistance.  If you need a special accommodation, please contact John Lojek, at least two days in advance of the meeting: jlojek@newtonma.gov or 617-796-1064. For Telecommunications Relay Service dial 711.