Isabelle Albeck

I love Waban, its graceful houses set well back from the street and its mature trees and lawns.

I am running for the Waban Area Council to preserve its beauty for future generations. We need to ensure that new McMansions do not systematically replace houses having historical or architectural significance. Zoning laws should make sure that new structures have adequate green space around them and not turn our Garden City into a crowded suburb.

Furthermore, supporting a mix of Seniors and young families is important. Both groups should be able to live in our village and contribute to its life.

Biking is a healthy activity that needs to be protected: my husband and I love to ride the aqueduct trail to Cold Spring Park or along Waban Ave to Wellesley. Better safety for bike riders in the city is a must and I would like to see a proper bike/walk trail along the river.

I was active in the St Phillip Neri Parish and want to make sure the community has some input regarding the future of the church property.

I have lived in Waban for 33 years and our three children went through the Newton Public Schools. I taught French for 20 years at the Concord-Carlisle HS. I am now retired with time to go to public hearings and meetings at City Hall in order to bring information to our community and fight for our village.


Based on the suggested increased price for Water and Sewer my family would be paying 1000. per year more for water! It wouldn't be so bad if I could install a second meter for the water used to water my lawn.

This increase will be coming after the Newton Assessor's have increased the value of Newton homes-- so we are now paying higher property taxes. (our property taxes have almost doubled in the past ten years, even though the value of our house has not increased in tandem and we have NOT done any major renovations.)
I oppose an increase in water fees. I feel that the cost of living in Newton is already prohibitive for many families.