Christopher Pitts

When I first helped bring this council into existence, one of my goals was to begin serious future planning for Waban. The Future Planning Working Group has been meeting and holding events for three years. I am a firm believer that no matter the issue, having good intel and planning is far better than reacting, or is often the case, having no plan at all. 
I am committed to take this to an actionable level with details versus generalized ideals. The participation of educated, passionate, and curious Wabanites with various expertises has been profoundly informative and rewarding. Click here to visit the Waban Future Plan
My goals this year:
  • Better communications: WAC website, Google list, facebook, Waban Next Door, printed mailings, coordinating with WIS and WLC
  • Community Building
  • Continue future planning - Survey results and the summary are posted here.

​Learning Plan:

  • Zoning and interdependencies
  • Alternative energy technologies
  • Sustainability and regenerative practices
  • Open space, green space, fresh waterfront
  • Community and land trusts

I moved to Waban with my wife and 2 preschoolers in early 2001, and have been active in the community ever since.

My first community involvement was to launch the effort to build a newer, safer playground at Warren Lincoln field.  A group of neighbors got together and raised $52,000, and over 50 volunteers showed up to build the popular structures that exist today.  As a result of that experience and my love of this community, I joined the Waban Improvement Society board.

I've been an active Waban Improvement Society (WIS) board member for over 10 years, and devoted my energies to: 1) conceptualizing and contributing to Waban Village Day; 2) advocating to keep the branch library open; and 3) creating and maintaining the WIS web site, launching the Annual Newton Piano Summit, among other things.

I joined the committee to create the Waban Area Council (WAC) in 2013, and along with the "original team of six" worked with the city and the other neighborhood councils, established a vision, and hit the pavement to gain the 1000 signatures needed to get the names on the ballot.  I created and maintain the WAC  web site, and maintain the WAC Facebook page.  I look forward to continue the social media outreach and to continue to represent our concerns to the city -- whether the issues are related to zoning, housing, parking meters, traffic, etc. -- and to prod the city to take effective action. I would like to see Waban remain the wonderful, diverse and culturally rich place that it is today.

As a futurist, I am also very interested in contributing to Waban's 10 year plan (requested by the mayor's office) as well as a 50 year plan, in order to proactively address changes that will impact quality of life.

My professional skills as a producer of television, online learning, concerts, and fundraisers, as well as my skills as a musician and webmaster offer a good balance to the other members of the council.