Waban VCOD - Proposed Map Amendments


Issue summary

The Zoning & Planning Committee will be considering proposed VCOD Map amendments in Waban Village Center and the surrounding neighborhood streets. These proposed VCOD Map amendments will be discussed at the Zoning & Planning Committee on

Thursday, September 7, 2023 - 7pm
Here is the zoom meeting link - https://newtonma-gov.zoom.us/j/85761461913
and the discussion will be continued to the following ZAP meeting on

Monday, September 11, 2023 - 7pm - no zoom meeting link has been posted as of yet.
The meeting link will be posted here once it becomes available. Please check back.
Please attend the meeting and as well as consider sending your comments to the ZAP Committee through their clerk (jnorton@newtonma.gov).

Issue full description

Below are the proposed VCOD Map amendments for the Waban Village Center Overlay Districts.

Here is a listing of the parcels listed by property address, unnamed submitter(s) and the proposed Zoning MAP amendments proposed.

The Planning Department Memo dated (August 21, 2023) can be found here - link. The memo lists all of the proposed zoning MAP amendments throughout the city. On page 55 of the memo is the only documentation of proposed amendments by City Councilors Leary and Greenberg. Their proposed amendments are showed below:

Ideas for changes to the map based on a meeting with Alison Leary and Maria Greenberg. Legend

  • In the areas that are filled in with a darker color no change is proposed.
  • Green border/pale yellow fill – potential areas for MRT
  • Red border / pale red fill – potential area for VC3
  • Blue border/ pale blue fill – potential area for VC2
  • Green outline / pale blue or pale red inside – On current maps they are MRT but could be VC2 or VC3.
  • Blue outline / pale red inside -- On current maps they are VC2 but could be VC3.
  • Red outline / pale blue inside -- On current maps they are VC3 but could be VC2.

Here is the ZAP Report for the ZAP meeting held on August 21, 2023, with a report of the zoning MAP amendments discussed and straw-voted by the ZAP Committee for Newton Highlands, The Eliot/Route 9 Corridor and Newton Highlands - link.

And finally, here is the ZAP Agenda for the meeting to be held on Thursday, September 7th, 7pm - link