October 2021


  1. Issues from the Community (5’)
  2. WAC Discussions  (30’ )
    1. Village Center Zoning Redesign Visioning WAC Field Trip report
    2. 4 Area Councils Debates: October 16 & 17 (Details below) http://wabanareacouncil.com/issue/4-ac-debates-2021-oct-16-17
    3. New WAC Logo
    4. Election of WAC: Early voting available at City Hall Oct 25-30, Process during election day for separate ballot and write-in candidates
    5. Angier Bike Lane
    6. WIS Report: Next 100-year campaign, tree and village center lighting, Welcome Neighbor Project.
  3. Administrative Business (20’)
    1. Treasurer’s Report
    2. Approval of WAC Meeting minutes (August)
  4. New Business (5’)

Information & Resources
Waban Improvement Society

PatchAqueducts in Newton Part of New Trail Access Policy
Newton Conservators: A Loop Along the Aqueducts
Newton Conservators: Trips
Toureen Resort & Spa: Best Place to Walk your Dog
MAPC: Opening Aqueduct trails to the Public
MassTrails: Newton


  • Waban Improvement Society is raising funds for its Next 100 Years fundraising campaign and is nearing its goal. Please consider donating to Waban's oldest organization by clicking on this link.
  • Newton Cultural Council 2022's grant cycle is open until October 15th. More information at the NCC website.

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Meeting Date: 
Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 7:30pm

Waban Area Council

Meeting Minutes

October 14 2021 7:30pm

Held via Zoom



City Councilor: Bill Humphrey

WAC: Dinah Bodkin, Chris Pitts, Isabelle Albeck, Sallee Lipshutz, Megan Meirav, Rena Getz

Community: Drake McCabe, John Mordes, Larry Epstein, Maureen Reilly Meagher, Phil W


Issues from the Community Cochituate Aqueduct Trail Block.  Continued from last WAC meeting.  Many have volunteered to be part of group working on solution, but CP announced decision to hold off working on the problem until after the election. Generally agreed that this approach was a good one; no-one wants election politics to interfere with a good solution.  Larry Epstein reiterated that the property in question is unequivocally private property but a solution can be found if all parties work in good faith.

Hemlock Gorge Clean Up  Saturday oct 16.  Trash bags will be supplied, lunch will be served at the Stone Building.


WAC Field Trip re Village Center Redesign  Approximately 20 people met on Sat Sept 18.  Village redesign and update were discussed.  Some ADA issues covered, bringing street lights into Waban Square, many good ideas.  All forwarded to Nevina Pilopovic-Wengler in Planning Department.


Area Council Debates Oct 16 and 17.  BH relaying broader concern that those involved in debate planning may be public endorsers of candidates, potentially creating conflict of interest.  CP responded that all those interested in the debates have a position and are knowledgeable about what's going on in the city.  But debate organizers stand by their professionalism and that of anyone involved.  Marjorie Aarons Baron runs the debates and has been doing so in a number of forums for many years.  CP repeatedly stated that there is a need for TIMERS at the debates, individuals who keep candidates to their allotted time after each question.


New WAC Logo  CP screen shared showing new WAC logo (can now be seen on WAC website).  He used publicly available clip art.  Image is of two canoes paddled by two individuals each.  Chosen because the image has a universality to it.  It is both contemporary and historic.  Some discussion of text to include.  Agreed on Waban Area Council, Newton Massachusetts.  Some adjustments may still be made.  However, Council voted to replace Native American profile with new logo.


Election of WAC   Due to letter authored by Sallee and approved by WAC, early voting available at City Hall Oct 25-30.  No absentee voting available for area councils, due to state wide regulations on mail-in voting.  On election day area council ballots are separate, and also allow for write in candidates.  25 write in votes required to obtain seat on WAC.


Game table installed by Parks and Recreation at Waban Common.  ADA compliant.


WIS Report:  Christmas decorations in Waban Square.  Lighting large tree has gotten expensive; also hard to find someone willing to do it.  We may have to settle for ornamental lights around the architectural parts of our village.  Fundraising is critical.  Volunteerism suffered during the pandemic.  WIS sponsors Progressive Dinner, Welcome Neighbor Project, and other quality of life events.  The need for new blood is acute.

WAC election.  Some who attended Village Redesign expressed interest in serving.  If not on the ballot, an individual can be appointed through elected WAC members.  Also can be elected via write in.  Meeting will be set up for those interested in serving on area council.  Drake McCabe, present at this meeting, gave his reasons for living in Waban and wanting to serve on WAC.


Treasurer’s Report: $902.50 (amended in Chat to $720.75)


September Minutes Accepted.


Meeting adjourned 9:50pm.


Respectfully submitted by Dinah Bodkin, October 29, 2021