April 2019

Waban Area Council
April 11, 2019, 7:30pm-9:30pm
Waban Library Center
1. The developers of a proposed Recreational Marijuana Dispensary at 1158 Beacon St. (IQ Kitchen/Jaylin Cleaners site) will present their plans and take questions. (60 minutes)
2. Proposal for small playground on island at Varick and Waban Ave. Resident Kate Nyquist and Newton Recreation Manager Stephanie Lapham to present. (20 minutes)
3. Approval of March minutes and Treasurer’s Report.
4. Issues from the community. (5 minutes)
5. Update on proposed 24-unit development at 20 Kinmouth Rd. Developer is meeting with neighbors and plans to file for special permit later this spring; plans to present at future WAC meeting. (10 minutes)
6. Zoning Redesign Update. (10 minutes)
7. Waban Village Day May 19, 10:30-2:30pm. (10 minutes)
8. Announcements: 
• Roadwork on Beacon from Woodward to Chestnut will likely take place April 16-April 19th. 
• The Friends of Hemlock Gorge Annual Spring Cleanup is scheduled for Saturday, April 27, 2019, rain or shine, unless extreme weather is expected.  Volunteers should meet at Hamilton Place off Elliot Street between 9:30 and 10 a.m. Parking available at Hamilton Place, the Mills Falls parking lot, and at the Hemlock Gorge parking lot at the intersection of Ellis St. and Rte. 9. Clean-up materials supplied!  Please dress appropriately for the work and weather. Lunch will be available for volunteers after the cleanup, at noon. Saturday April 27, 2019 9am-12:00pm. 
• Newton Serves – Quinobequin Park Cleanup. April 28, 2019 9am-4pm (morning, afternoon or all day projects). Sign up here for Quinobequin or other projects. 
• PorchFest is coming to Waban June 1st! Sign up to perform, host or volunteer. https://newton.porchfest.info
9. Next WAC Meeting May 9th, 7:30pm. 
Meeting Date: 
Thursday, April 11, 2019 - 7:30pm

Meeting Minutes

Waban Area Council

April 11 2019

Waban Library Center 7:30pm


WAC Members Present: Kathryn Winters, Bob Jampol, Chris Pitts, Rena Getz, Patrick Maher, Isabelle Albeck, Dinah Bodkin


Members of the Community Present:  Peter Cox, Stuart Ezorlin, Bill Humphrey, Tim Hathaway, Susan Forrow, Andrea Robinson, Linda Segal, John Mordes, Qing Shi, Barbara Kgzaas


Issues from the Community 24 unit condominium proposed at 20 Kinmoth Rd (site of former Waban Health Center) by developer Northern Lights.   Plans are to keep current footprint but add one floor.  Will have underground parking, one space per unit.   There seems to be no opposition among neighbors, current building is not historical and can be torn down.   Northern Lights will come to WAC and present at a future date.


Zoning Redesign Update.  Date for new draft ordinance extended to end of 2020.  Robert Korff has begun filing for special permit for Mixed Use Development in the neighborhood of The Barn.  Riverside and Northland Developments are focus of Planning and Zoning right now. http://www.newtonma.gov/civicax/filebank/documents/96266.


Tot Lot Proposal Resident Kate Nyquist proposed constructing a play structure where a traffic island is created between two sections of Waban Ave and Alban Rd.  Maps and diagrams were handed out to all attendees. Stephanie Lapham at Parks and Recreation had kindly notified the abutters.  Kate wishes not to have to drive her kids to a playground, and a number of her neighbors feel the same way.   With the help of Stephanie, they found a small play structure that was presented to the group.  Kate plans to raise funds for the structure, and ancillary expenses.  Some attendees were opposed.  A hand vote was taken 7 in favor, 4 opposed.  It was proposed that all the abutters vote on the proposal (could be done by email).  There was a definite lack of clarity on the process.  KW proposed to put the project on WAC website, clarify the process* and notify abutters. 


March Minutes and Treasurer’s Report Approved


Waban Village Day  WAC members asked to sign up for time slots.  Newton Piano Summit moved to Auburndale Parish, 64 Hancock St.  All upcoming events will be included in blast email sent out by CP.


Announcements as in Agenda.


Meeting adjourned 9:08pm.


Respectfully submitted by

Dinah Bodkin

April 22 2019



*After tonight’s meeting, KW inquired, and was informed by John Rice that the project will in all likelihood require approval of Dept of Parks and Recreation.  More information on the process will follow.